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Korean BBQ Grill House | 새마을식당 (Sae Ma-eul Shikdang)

Sae Ma-eul Shikdang is one of the most popular Korean BBQ restaurants in the country. It is owned by Baek Jong Won, a famous chef, TV personality and businessman. He owns 26 restaurant franchises with more than 160 branches all over the country. Last weekend, hubby and I visited the branch in Janganpyeong, Seoul for late lunch.




The bestsellers in this restaurant are Yeoltan Bulgogi, Manshinchang Samgyupsal and 7-minute Dwaeji Kimchi. We ordered 2 servings of samgyupsal and one dwaeji kimchi (kimchi chigae).





200 grams per serving





They also serve dried seaweed (kim) strips along with dwaeji kimchi. The best way to enjoy dwaeji kimchi is to mix it with rice and some seaweed strips, yes just like a bibimbap.
One serving of 7-min dwaeji kimchi comes with only 1 free serving of rice. So, you have to order more rice separately. When the dwaeji kimchi is ready, the staff cuts the kimchi and meat  into small pieces using kitchen shears.


It’s a feast! 🙂

I suggest you also try the yeoltan bulgogi. It’s really delicious -a little sweet and spicy. The meat used in this restaurant by the way is local meat. So you can be sure of its good quality.

Here’s the complete menu.


If you want to experience authentic Korean BBQ on your next visit to Korea, try dining at any Sae Ma-eul Shikdang. 🙂

Korean words and phrases:

  • Sae (새) = new
  • Ma-eul (마을) = village
  • Shikdang (식당) = restaurant
  • il-in boon (1인분)= 1 serving (200g/good for one person)
  • i-in boon (2인분) = 2 servings
  • sam-in boom (삼인분) =3 servings
  • sa -in boon (사인분) =4 servings

If there’s no bell on the table and you want to get the attention of the waiter, say: Yeo gi yo! (Excuse me!) – 여기요!

If you want to order, say: Joomoon hageseummnida – 주문하겠습니다.

If you want to ask for something, say the word and add ‘jooseyo’ which means, ‘please give me..’

  • Mool jooseyo. (Please give me some water.) – 물 주세요.
  • Kimchi deo jooseyo. (Please give me more kimchi) – 김치 더 주세요.
  • Samgyupsal sam-in boon jooseyo. (Please give me 3 servings of samgyupsal) – 삼겹살 삼인분 주세요.

If you want to ask where the toilet is, say: Hwa-jang-shil eo-di-isso-yo? -화장실 어디 있어요?

When Koreans leave the restaurant, they greet the staff or owner by the saying: Jal meogeosseumnida (I’ve eaten well.) or just Kamsahamnida (Thank you!).