Random Snaps

Pregnancy Cravings


Hubby and I went to a cafe to have some desserts. While waiting for our order, I browsed some lovely maternity photos of my friends on Facebook. Then I turned to him and said:


Lanie: Yeobo, If I get pregnant, it would surely be hard not just for me but for you as well since I’d be asking you a lot of things to satisfy pregnancy cravings.

Andy: That’s okay, Yeobo. I know what it’s like. No worries!

Lanie: @.@ Whaaaat?! You mean, you had impregnated someone in the past?

Andy: No..but I always deal with your cravings. And you never stop bothering me until you get satisfied. That’s basically the same thing. You must be pregnant for few years now. *giggles*

LOL. :-p