Random Snaps

Male and Female Paprika

I was picking some fresh paprika peppers at the vegetables corner in Homeplus when an employee came with more peppers to display. She told me to choose the ‘female’ peppers as they are tastier than ‘male’ ones.

Lanie: Really? Do peppers have gender?  
Ajumma: Yeah. Female ones look prettier.
Lanie: How will I know if the pepper is a male or female?
Ajumma: Just flip it over like this and count the lobes. The ones with four bumps are female, and those with three bumps are male. Female ones are sweeter and better for salads. Male ones are better for cooking. 

Wow! Well, I don’t know if it’s really true that peppers have gender. I tried the sliced sample but couldn’t distinguish the taste difference. I just bought the ‘female’ ones though. I wish that if I put a male and a female pepper together inside the fridge, they’ll reproduce. 😂