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Les Arts Decoratifs

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Hubby and I went to Gangnam District for an interesting and educational diversion to while away a rainy Sunday afternoon. I had a great time learning and discussing about ancient French culture, interior design and fashion with him. It was great because we got the tickets for free. Haha!


The Museum of Decorative Arts is originally located in Palais du Louvre (The Louvre Palace). It houses and displays furniture, interior design, altar pieces, paintings, tapestries, ceramics and glassware. The Special Exhibition of The Museum of Decorative Arts Paris  is the first overseas exhibition to come from the 150-year-old Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris. It runs everyday until March 29, 2015 in Hangaram Design Museum inside Seoul Arts Center. It is open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Visitors can get a snippet of opulent Parisian life and immerse themselves in the richly ornamented decorations of an 18th-century Parisian home. Taking of  photos inside the gallery is allowed but the use of camera flash is discouraged.


Many years ago, when Hubby and I were still in courtship and dating stage, it took a lot of effort and sacrifice just to spend time together. And even now that we’re married and living under the same roof, sometimes it’s hard to match our schedules because we’ve gotten caught up in the routine of jobs and other commitments. I am just so grateful that one thing has never changed -our effort to give time for each other. And yes, after all these years, we still love to date. 🙂

Marriage is not the end of dating and it is not about ‘happily ever after’ either. It’s all about WORK – commitment to grow together and willingness to continually invest in building ‘something special’ that can endure eternity. And through that work, genuine happiness comes. After all, a happy marriage is well worth every bit of effort.

I wish for more museum dates in the future! 🙂