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Kongbul (Konkuk Univ. Branch)

Yesterday was the last day of our Chuseok break. I had a great time shopping at Lotte Department Store and hubby picked me up for a dinner date. We were supposed to go to an Italian restaurant for some pizza and pasta but Hubby suddenly craved for Kongbul. ‘Kong’ refers to ‘kong-na-mul’ which means bean sprouts and ‘bul’ refers to ‘bulgogi’ which means marinated meat. Kongbul is also the name of the chain restaurant. If you want an affordable and yummy (but spicy) Korean meal, try Kongbul! It’s easy to find one in downtown areas.  🙂 


It was so funny that the “not so spicy” option was actually too spicy. It was delicious though!

When we got home, I gave Hubby a little random surprise – comfy couple flat shoes from Toms! I’m glad he liked my little gift. I actually worried about getting the wrong size as he usually buys 260 or 270 depending on the brand sizing. I just bought size 270 to be safe and fortunately, they fit perfectly!

kongbul 3
Buy one, give one. Happy feet, happier hearts. 🙂

Kongbul Konkuk Univ. Branch 

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