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K-pop Hologram Concert at Everland


Hello K-pop fans! YG Entertainment just opened  K-pop Hologram Concert Hall within the Global Fair of Everland, Korea’s largest amusement park. The hologram concert hall is a brand new concept of attraction at the Everland which combines IT technology and the K-Pop cultural contents that are taking the world by storm, enabling you to meet K-POP stars in an entirely new medium through 3D hologram.

For this initiative, YG is in charge of creating video content of its artists like PSY, 2NE1, and Big Bang, presenting vivid visual images and ‘more-than-real’ experiences of the K-pop stars with advanced video and audio equipments. The hall can accommodate a lot of people at a time. It is by the way based on an on-site reservation, so you must hold a reservation pass with you to enter. You can make a reservation at the ticket booth. It is a standing concert, therefore infants under 36 months are not allowed to go inside for safety reasons.

After watching the show, you can purchase some cute souvenirs at the K-pop store or shall I say YG store? Only Psy, 2NE1 and Big Bang are there. Hehehe!  You can find a lot of cute stuff like fans, shirts, mugs, cards, stuffed toys etc.








There is also a live photo booth just inside the K-pop store. You can choose an artist and a pose. There are several poses of the artist that you can choose from. If you are satisfied with your photo, you can touch ‘print’ to get a stub and present it at the counter. One printed photo costs 10,000 won or 9.5 USD. The staff asked me if I have a Korean phone number and she sent the photo file to me. My sister had so much fun in the photo booth trying different poses of Psy but she finally decided to print the one below. 🙂