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Namsan Seoul Tower

Last Chuseok holiday, I brought my sister to N Seoul Tower to see the Teddy Bear Museum. My niece was also with us. We decided to take the taxi because it’s the most convenient way and since taxis with foreign passengers are allowed to go up to the tower base. To our surprise, we were stopped by the guards and asked to take the bus instead.  I don’t know if the rules were changed or perhaps it was only for that particular day when the mountain was too crowded on a holiday. Hmmm.. I don’t know! Anyway, though I have visited the place several times to accompany friends and family, I think visiting once is enough. Hehe!

Going up from the bus station to the tower base



dsc0015NSeoultowerSince it was Chuseok holiday, there were traditional games for the visitors to try like yutnori, top-spinning, tuhojegichagi, etc. I challenged my sister to throw sticks into the canister and promised to give 1,000 won for every stick; but she succeeded only once. Thank God! Wahaha!

Teddy Bear Museum

The museum is located at the lower level of the tower. It houses two exhibition halls. In the first hall, you can discover with teddy bears the time-honored history of Seoul as a capital city starting from the Joseon Dynasty. In the second hall, you can learn about the diverse aspects of modern Seoul. The galleries are not that big but you can have fun seeing a lot of moving teddy bears  in different scenarios.

Old Seoul

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Modern Seoul

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N Seoul Tower Gift shop

Locks of Love

N Seoul Tower is a romantic pilgrimage for couples who wish to declare their eternal love. Visitors are encouraged to leave locks in the designated areas. Love locks of all shapes, colors and sizes are affixed around the metal trees on the base level of the tower. Not only padlocks are there but also phone cases with messages, key chains, couple photos and many more. It was great to see messages written in different languages. There were sweet, happy and even sad messages written on the locks or other items. I also enjoyed looking at some photos of couples deeply in love, happy families and groups of friends who visited the place.

The padlocks are quite expensive: 8,000-12,000 won. If you plan to leave locks, better buy your own before going there. You can get a cute and colorful padlock from Daiso for only a dollar or two. 🙂




While keeping a love lock is romantic, throwing away the key on the hillside is not cool as it may cause environmental problem. To combat this, N Seoul Tower encourages the visitors to leave their keys in the Love Postbox. The revenue collected from the keys is donated to the less fortunate people. It’s indeed a great campaign to spread love around Korea!


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