Life in Korea

Korean Drama: Good Doctor (굿닥터)

Good Doctor (굿닥터) is a new drama on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) that hubby and I find interesting. It is a medical drama focused on pediatric department. It’s about the story of a young man, Park Shi On  (played by Joo Won) who is a medical genius despite his disabilities. He’s diagnosed with savant syndrome and has trouble relating to his ‘normal’ colleagues. This drama is spreading the message of hope and tolerance as it shows the life of the autistic pediatrician and his struggles to be accepted by the society. I personally love the cinematography in addition to Joo Won’s outstanding acting performance. The role of being autistic is very difficult and challenging but Joo Won looks so natural. He’s really into the character. Oh yeah, I’m totally sticking to this drama. :-p