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Unlimited Meat & Seafood At Cheongdam Market

Cheongdam Market is not a local market but a restaurant that offers unlimited meat and seafood. Yes, that's right, meat and seafood. Eat-all-you-can meat restaurants or seafood restaurants are pretty common in Seoul but not those that offer both. I was kind of excited as it was my first time to visit the place but unluckily, the… Continue reading Unlimited Meat & Seafood At Cheongdam Market

Life in Korea

Korean Side Dish: Cucumber Kimchi

Cucumber kimchi, also known as oi kimchi (오이 김치) is one of my favorite kinds of kimchi. Yes, there are a lot. Aside from being delicious and healthy, it is so easy to prepare. Here’s how I make cucumber kimchi at home. Ingredients: 5 cucumbers buchu (asian chives) or green onions cut into 2 inches lengths… Continue reading Korean Side Dish: Cucumber Kimchi


InterContinental Nha Trang | The Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar of Intercontinental Nha Trang is certainly a place of calm and refuge in the busy street of  Tran Phu. Guests can enjoy timeless cocktails and wine in an elegant and cozy setting. This intimate space highlighted by full length floor to ceiling windows that frame the view of Nha Trang Bay offers the… Continue reading InterContinental Nha Trang | The Lobby Bar


Runam Bistro | Nha Trang, Vietnam

Located right in the middle of the famous Tran Phu Street, Runam Bistro is a popular restaurant chain throughout Vietnam and a favorite among locals and expats alike. It is on the first floor of Intercontinental Nha Trang building.  The place is spacious, cozy and beautifully decorated with giant paper origami-style lamps. After a long afternoon… Continue reading Runam Bistro | Nha Trang, Vietnam