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Red Chili Pepper With Love

My favorite season is coming, so as the season of kimjang (kimchi making). One important ingredient of kimchi and many other Korean dishes is kochukaru. ‘Kochu’ means chili pepper and ‘karu’ means powder. Although there are a lot of kochugaru brands in the market, I still try my best to make my own kochukaru to make… Continue reading Red Chili Pepper With Love


Early Morning in Nha Trang

Vietnamese are famous for being early risers. In Nha Trang, local life starts earlier than usual. At the crack of dawn, you can watch the city come to life. There is so much life going on in Nha Trang in the early morning hours. From morning markets, to Tai Chi in the park and yoga on the beach,… Continue reading Early Morning in Nha Trang


Nha Trang, Vietnam | Premier Havana Hotel

Nha Trang, the capital of Khanh Hoa Province in Vietnam, is the economic, political and cultural hub of the region. Long stretches of pristine sand and clear waters offer a great sun-kissed relaxation in this bustling colonial coastal city. On the first few days of our summer vacation, we stayed at Premier Havana Hotel, a 5-star… Continue reading Nha Trang, Vietnam | Premier Havana Hotel

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Bingsoo & PC Bang Date on Gwangbokjeol

Today, August 15th, is Korean Independence Day also called as 광복절 (Gwangbokjeol). It literally means “The day the light returned“ symbolizing South Korea’s freedom from the Japanese Imperialism. Although it is also a holiday in North Korea, it is called differently, 조국해방의 날 (Jogook haebang-ui nal) which means "the liberation day of the motherland." Gwangbokjeol is the only holiday shared by… Continue reading Bingsoo & PC Bang Date on Gwangbokjeol